Antony & Cleopatra

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Somewhere between their vilification by the Emperor Augustus and Shakespeare’s vision of tragic lovers are Mark Antony and Cleopatra, unveiled here in their true colors by renowned Roman historian Patricia Southern. Despite his reputation for recklessness, hard drinking, and womanizing, Mark Antony was a capable leader and an astute administrator. Cleopatra was equally driven politically and was determined to reconstitute the ancient empire of the Ptolemies, a goal which Mark Antony—as ruler of the east—worked diligently to achieve. Their association went far beyond territorial agreements, however: together they had three children and may have married according to Egyptian law. But their blending of politics and romance led to the ultimate ruin of both their lives. Powerful and thorough, this is the true account of history's most infamous couple.


Patricia Southern is the author of Augustus, Caesar, Cleopatra, A History of the Roman Army, and Mark Antony.


"In the absence of Cleopatra’s memoirs, Southern’s commendably balanced biography will do very well."  —Sunday Telegraph on Cleopatra

"Her style is delightfully approachable: lean and lucid, witty and pacy."  —Antiquity on Casear