Nikon D800 & D800E

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An in-depth guide to using this impressive camera, with hints and tips on how to get the very best from its many functions

The D800 is the biggest news to emerge from Nikon since 2008, when they introduced their last all-new full-frame DSLR, the D700. The D800 is not a replacement for the D700, but rather it is a new model in its own right—complementary or alternative to Nikon's own new professional camera, the D4, but at half the price.


Jon Sparks is an award-winning photographer and writer specializing in landscape and outdoor photography. He has photographed numerous places including Pakistan, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Morocco, and Europe. He supplies images to the global libraries Corbis and Alamy as well as directly through his own library. His name now appears on the covers of 16 books.