Who Goes There

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Nick Griffiths charts his travels through England and Wales tracking down locations used in Doctor Who, both classic and new

Being an odd kind of show, Doctor Who's locations too are odd. This is no glamorous trip. Dungeness Nuclear Power Station, anyone? A flooded china clay pit in Cornwall? As he travels, so Nick Griffiths discovers another side to his well-trodden country, which is no less evocative. Then he goes to the pub. As in his previous memoir Dalek I Loved You, the travel writing is backed up by Nick’s childhood reminiscences and contemporary musings. A companion website offers photographs from the trip, a Google map of the locations, and details of the nearest pub. In this innovative way, readers are invited to follow in his footsteps. Who Goes There isn’t just for Who fans, it’s a very funny book for anyone who fancies a trip off the beaten path.


Nick Griffiths is a journalist and a TV writer with Radio Times and the Daily Mail. He has written for the Guardian, the Sunday Times, and Time Out, and is the author of Dalek I Loved You.