Chasing the Wind

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As a world record holder in ballooning, speed sailing, and aviation, Steve Fossett was the pinnacle of extreme sporting achievements. His adventurous spirit continually inspired his fellow competitors and sports aficionados, and attracted the curiosity of the world. In 2005, Fossett made the first solo, non-stop, non-refueled circumnavigation of the world at the helm of what has been described as "a fuel tank with room for one"—the Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer. But what made someone like Steve give up a secure, well-paid job in the financial sector for the romantic, yet increasingly dangerous, world of the adventurer? He achieved the first balloon crossings of Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America; the first ocean crossings of the South Atlantic, South Pacific, and Indian Oceans; and the first solo balloon flight round the world—a milestone in aviation history. And he didn't just take on the air. The most-successful speed sailor in the history of sailing, he also completed premier endurance sports events, including the Iditarod and Ironman Triathlon. In this dynamic autobiography, Steve Fossett shared his inspirational stories and candidly recounted the milestones, challenges, and victories that made up his much-heralded career and paved the path to his numerous world records.


Steve Fossett (1944-2007) was the pilot of the Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer. Will Hasley is a movie and TV scriptwriter and an author. He lives in Los Angeles.