Pirate Princess: Portia

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Portia is a reluctant princess, horrified by her father's idea of marrying her off to a boring prince. So rather than endure years of dull matrimony, she sells the family jewels, buys a ship, and escapes to sea with her ladies-in-waiting as crew. When Portia hear news that her favorite cousin is also being set up for an unsuitable marriage, she and her crew swing into action and set off to the rescue. Soon Portia's services are in high demand from indignant princesses worldwide. Pleas for escape are delivered by the ship's parrot, Squawk. But while Portia's busy rescuing princesses, her own jilted groom has sent someone in pursuit of her. Count Nasty's ship is on the horizon, and he's not giving up easily.


"An enjoyable romp, fast-paced and funny for 7 to 9-year-olds."  —The School Librarian