The Elementary Sherlock Holmes

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An absorbing miscellany of Sherlockiana covering all the novels, the stories, the characters, and the TV and film adaptations

Sherlock Holmes has become such an iconic figure that he’s almost real. He’s on our TV screens, he’s in our films, and, of course, the books are still as popular as ever. This fascinating little miscellany tells you everything you need to know about this enduringly popular figure, and lots of stuff you don’t. It contains the plots of all the novels, character descriptions, details of Sherlock Holmes societies from London to China, and highlights the best films and TV adaptations. Entertaining and engrossing, this little book will satisfy the curious and enlighten even the most dedicated Holmes fan.


Matthew E. Bunson is the author of numerous popular and historical encyclopedias, including The Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt, The Encyclopedia of the Roman Empire, and The Vampire Encyclopedia. He has served as a consultant to the BBC, CBS Radio, MSNBC, NBC News, and USA Today. He lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana.