Pig Keeping

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A fascinating and practical guide to the pig breeds of Britain. Covers rare and traditional breeds—from the Tamworth to the Gloucestershire Old Spot—as well as imported breeds such as the Vietnamese Pot Belly. Packed with practical information on keeping pigs for pets or for meat or for breeding. Includes expert advice on walking, feeding, providing shelter and mating—right through to selling the meat and raising piglets. Whether you would like a Kune Kune to keep as a pet, a British Lop to breed and raise pedigree piglets, or perhaps a Berkshire for delicious sausages, this book will help you to pick the right pig for you. Guiding you through every stage of the pig keeping process—from choosing livestock to finding a partner for your sow—this book covers everything you need to know about keeping, breeding, eating, and selling pigs.


Richard Lutwyche has published articles in a number of magazines including Country Life, Country Living, and The Field.