Antarctica Cruising Guide

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For many people, an Antarctic cruise is the dream of a lifetime. This is the definitive field guide to Antarctica for visitors travelling by luxury liner, adventure cruise or private boat. The authors are recognised world experts in Antarctic travel, wildlife and conservation, and the book is illustrated throughout with outstanding colour photographs.

Included are descriptions of the 26 most popular visitor sites on the Antarctic Peninsula, and the natural history of over 30 species of birds and mammals. Special attention is paid to explaining the threats to Antarctic conservation, including global warming, and there are tips on how visitors can minimise their own impact and help preserve this unique continent.

Measuring 5 x 7 inches, this beautiful little book fits neatly into a parka pocket and is fully illustrated with over 200 colour photographs, and 7 maps.


Peter Carey is a zoologist who has made more than 60 trips to Antarctica working as a lecturer and expedition leader. He is director of the conservation organization SAFER (Subantarctic Foundation for Ecosystems Research). Craig Franklin is a zoology professor at the University of Queensland and has made more than 20 trips to Antarctica. He has published more than 100 scientific works, including articles in the academic journals Nature and Science.