The Great North Road

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Two babies abandoned at birth. Two extraordinary women, bound together and torn apart by a decision that will haunt them for the rest of their lives. Greta Korda is fleeing her sadistic husband, Dick. Sylvia Sharp, no more than a child herself, is burdened by delusions that grow more shattering by the day. Eventually Sylvia’s love for her daughter Alice draws her back to her estranged family—to the boy she still loves and the world she left behind. But then Alice vanishes, and a whole cast of characters, including Greta, come under suspicion. Has the little girl been abducted, or has she met a much darker fate? Gripping, compassionate, and unfailingly dramatic, it is a searing and addictive debut novel.


Growing up in Gosforth, Annabel Doré crossed the Great North Road daily to get to school.