Rat Attack

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The phonics focus of this book helps teachers looking for materials to fit specific lesson plans, but the stories never feel "educational."


Gram is making jam for Ann, Fran, and Stan.

She hears a tap.

“Who's that?” asks Gram.


Find out who it is in this funny story for beginning readers. Rat Attack features the “short a” sound, some sneaky, jam-loving rats, and three brave mice who have a plan to save Gram—and the jam.


Molly Coxe is an award-winning writer and illustrator whose books include Benjamin and Bumper to the Rescue, Big Egg, Cat Traps, The Great Snake Escape, Hot Dog, and R Is for Radish. Her awards include a Children’s Choice Award from the International Reading Association, and her early-reader titles were Children’s Book of the Month Club selections. She is the creative director of Brave Mouse Books. She lives in Ojai, California.


"Creatively composed photographs are the highlight of this distinctive picture book. . . . [It has] the feel of a very large epic on a very small scale." —Publishers Weekly on Benjamin and Bumper to the Rescue

"Reluctant readers will be drawn in by the title, as well as by the colorful cover. The clear, full-color illustrations are warm and reflect Mirabel and Maxie’s feelings for one another." —School Library Journal on The Great Snake Escape

"It’s not easy to get pop culture into an easy-to-read, but Coxe managed to do so in this clever book starring Radish Rabbit. . . . Bold pictures are the right complement for this sassy story." —Booklist on R Is for Radish“Give(s) new readers confidence to read aloud. There’s repetition, rhyming and rhythm to the prose, so it makes it easier for children to read…. Beginning readers will love the adorableness of these books, and they’ll not only be delighted to read them, they’ll even ask you if they can read more of them.” —Smart Books for Smart Kids