What Your Mother Should've Told You and Nobody Else Will

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More About This Title What Your Mother Should've Told You and Nobody Else Will


A collection of answers for 21st-century dilemmas, from the seemingly minor—like in-flight etiquette, to the top 10 lessons of life—including how to survive a set-back For anyone who has ever lost sleep over how to properly end a friendship, wondered how to recover from an e-mail faux pas at work, or longed to appear smarter at a dinner party, here is the book with the answers. It is an ironic fact that in this time of nonstop communication, the potential for social blunders has never been quite so ripe. Here at last is a collection of advice on modern manners, solutions for old-fashioned conundrums, and everything in between. These are all the things your mother should have taught you, but if she didn't (or you didn't listen), this book will.


Natalie Reilly has been a journalist for more than 10 years, writing for such publications as Marie Claire and Sunday Life, where she is also deputy editor, and writes a weekly column called Things You Should Know by Now.