Anne Frank

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An easy-to-read introduction to Anne Frank's short life, authorized by the Anne Frank Foundation

This is the moving life story of the young Jewish girl who hid from the Nazis during World War II. Readers can follow her day-to-day life in hiding with her family, and discover the hopes and fears of a young teenager as she writes to her best friend Kitty, the name she gives to her diary. This book contains quotes from the original diary along with many original photographs and newspaper articles from that period. It is ideal for prompting class discussions and raising awareness of the Holocaust.


Marian Hoefnagel is a teacher and a writer of books for teenagers, especially reluctant readers.


"...this meaningful presentation of objective and accessible history, in image as well as text, can provide students with some extra contextual support as they begin to read her original diaries." —Booklist“How many times have you said: “What? Another Anne Frank book! Enough, already!” But please make room for this one.” —The Jewish Book Council“…clear and heartfelt version of the Holocaust’s most famous victim.” —Association of Jewish Libraries Reviews