The Story of Coventry

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The Story of Coventry is a long overdue general history of the city, from earliest times to the present, concluding with comments on the issues, challenges, and opportunities that the twenty-first century will present. Neither does the author neglect the city’s architectural development and heritage. Rather than being narrowly focused on local history, the book will attempt to show, where appropriate, how what happened had a wider significance. The author has an eye for a telling anecdote, and this, together with his lively and easy journalistic style and authoritative research, will make the book appealing to anyone who is seeking to find out more about this fascinating and much misunderstood city – whose history is forever overshadowed by the Second World War.


Peter Walters is known by many as 'Mr Coventry,' a title he has earned through the innumerable award-winning newspaper features he has written about the city. He is now a freelance copywriter. Peter has lived in Coventry since the 1970s. He is an active member of a local heritage campaigning group (the Coventry Society) and a founder member of the City of Coventry Ambassadors Group.