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More About This Title Skewered!


Featuring more than 600 quotations by famous foodies, this collection presents rude and highly entertaining criticism about cookery. From reviews about pretentious cuisine and lousy waitstaff to comments on vegetables, seafood, and desserts, these notable critics leave no culinary delight untouched and even offer cutting remarks about gourmet masters. Malicious quips, such as Fred Allen's "the coffee tastes like water that has been squeezed out of a wet sleeve" or Mark Twain's "the food would create an insurrection in the poorhouse," give hungry diners a satisfying selection to use for conversation at their next dinner party or meal out. 


Michelle Lovric writes, researches, translates, and designs unique illustrated anthologies and gift books. She is the author of Cats and Their Slaves, How to Write Love Letters, The Insult & Curse Book, Love LettersThe World's Greatest Letters, Women & Cats, Women's Wicked Wisdom, and Women's Wicked Wit.