Who's Who of Jazz in Montreal

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Fact-filled biographies of more than 200 musicians who worked in Canada's jazz capital from the birth of jazz to 1970. The lives... the travels... the work... and the recordings of... Canada's biggest names in jazz: Oscar Peterson, Oliver Jones, Nelson Symonds, Paul Bley, Vic Vogel, Sonny Greenwich, Maynard Ferguson, and Guido Basso... Canada's jazz legends: Steep Wade, Lou Hooper, Willy Girard, Myron Sutton, Benny Winestone, Maury Kaye, and Brian Barley... Americans in Exile: Louis Metcalf, Millard Thomas, Sadik Hakim, Slap Rags White, Gil Coggins, Willie Wade, and Jimmy Jones...

From the pianists of the silent movie era, to Walter Boudreau and the young rebels of the 1960s counter-culture, the Who's Who of Jazz in Montreal is a rich compendium of lives and music from half a century of Canadian jazz-an essential handbook for jazz fans, record collectors, students, journalists, lovers of Canadiana, and an invaluable reference for libraries and schools.


John Gilmore is a Montreal journalist. The Who's Who of Jazz in Montreal is a companion to his widely-acclaimed Swinging in Paradise: The Story of Jazz in Montreal.