Weaving Water

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An adopted child puzzles and enlightens those whose lives she touches in this moving exploration of the little-told history and mythology of Guyana—perfect for fans of Eowyn Ivey's Snow Child

In 1917, the last ship taking indentured laborers from India to the sugar plantations of British Guiana sets sail, taking with it Rampat and Parvati, a childless couple looking for a new future. During a furious storm at sea, a child is born and is put into their arms as the unwed mother dies. They adopt her and call her Neela. From the beginning, Neela's birth has given rise to talk of the mystery surrounding the legend of the sea goddess Ganga and, some 15 years later, Neela is seen as being human and divine, a destroyer and a savior, to be feared. Neela's story, told against a backdrop of slavery and indentureship, of family and community, and of the growing racial conflict between Indians and Africans reveals a country and a people shaped by history and mythological superstition.


Ryhaan Shah was born and grew up in Guyana, and was educated there and in the U.S. She returned to Guyana in 1997. Her first novel, A Silent Life, has been the subject of several academic presentations at Caribbean Studies conferences in North America and Europe.