How to Play a Video Game

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Every day millions of people enter virtual worlds through video games, which are now the fastest-growing form of entertainment and are played by young and old alike. This account unlocks this amazing world, providing insight into what makes video games so fascinating and exploring the emotions involved in playing, the issues that surround them, and the future of the technology. Considering how games are appearing on phones and other mobile electronic devices, the book raises the questions Will everyone become a gamer? and Will people gain happiness or merely lose time?


Pippin Barr is a lecturer at IT University of Copenhagen’s Center for Computer Game Research, teaching video game design and programming.


"An easy read, not delving into any particular aspect of gaming in detail, but providing a brief overview of its history, why people play games, and how best to try one yourself. Above all, How to Play a Video Game manages to convey the joy and sense of discovery in playing video games."  —Stephen Weir, Sunday Star Times

"Both an attempt to demystify the world of video games for nonplayers as well as a thought-provoking, sometimes philosophical read for players keen to know more about the cyber universe with which they are familiar."  —Shane Gilchrist, Otago Daily Times