A Year in Palm Beach

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This book is an adventure, a memoir, a love story, and a coming-of-age book for baby boomers. On a whim, the authors move to Palm Beach for one year. What begins as a playful adventure turns into a life-changing event. This wise book shows it is not the stuff we have but how we live our life that is important.

In the style of Peter Mayle’s A Year in Provence and Frances Mayes’ Under the Tuscan Sun, this book shows that sometimes a move to a new location can also mean a move to a new and better place in your life.

As the authors’ year unfolds, they also provide a finely-painted portrait of Palm Beach, from the mega yachts, mansions, and millionaires to laws that forbid dogs from barking or dictate the height of one’s lawn. The authors swap stories with Jimmy Buffett, kick soccer balls with Rod Stewart, and have cocktails with monkeys on a yacht.

This remarkable book gives readers the chance to live a fun, adventure-filled year in Palm Beach and to see how one couple came to find out what was most important to them and how they wanted to live the rest of their life.


Pamela Acheson and Richard B. Myers are the coauthors of The Best Romantic Escapes in Florida, have contributed to numerous editions of Fodor's Florida, and have written about Florida and Palm Beach for a variety of national and international magazines. They live in Palm Beach, Florida.


“A love story.”  —The Palm Beach Daily News

“A fun read.”  —Donald Trump

“A book for baby boomers looking for adventure.”  —The Palm Beach Post