I Just Want You To Be Happy

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One of the most challenging and problematic issues facing Australia today is the increasing rate of youth depression and the high suicide rates of our young people. When most parents only want their teenagers to be happy, it is distressing to know that 1 in 5 teenagers will experience major depression before they are 18 years of age and that the chance of a child developing depression has tripled in the last 30 years. Depression is also particularly prevalent in girls; staggeringly, over 340,000 prescriptions of antidepressants were written for young people under 18 in 2005. I Just Want You To Be Happy describes the factors contributing to this increasing depression in young people and why our search for constant happiness is setting our children up for problems. It is important for all parents to know that, contrary to popular myth, depression can be prevented and treated. An invaluable contact list of mental health organizations, support groups and websites where parents and careers can seek further help is also included. Aimed at parents and careers, this book is a much needed, practical, clear and highly accessible guide to identify and help depressed teens, written by three experts, all currently working in the area of teenage health.


Professor Leanne Rowe is the former chairman of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and has extensively published in the area of adolescent mental health. Professor Bruce Tonge is head of the Center for Development Psychiatry and Chairperson of the Division of Psychiatry at Center Medical Centre, Melbourne. Professor David Bennett is head of the NSW Center for the Advancement of Adolescent Health.