The African Union and Its Institutions

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Written by eminent scholars on Africa and practitioners who have worked in or with the African Union (AU), this report brings together the analysis and research of 17 largely Pan-African scholars, policymakers, practitioners, and civil society representatives. A particularly timely and welcome addition to the pioneering literature about this young and potentially powerful institution, this analysis presents a positive but realistic picture of the AU while diagnosing several key challenges, including Africa’s security and governance problems.


John Akokpari is a senior lecturer in political studies at the University of Cape Town and a former visiting research fellow at the Japan External Trade Organisation's Institute of Developing Economies. He is the author of numerous publications on globalization, development, and trade. Angela Ndinga-Muvumba is a senior researcher at the Centre for Conflict Resolution in Cape Town, South Africa, where she is the head of its HIV/AIDS and security project. Tim Murithi is a senior researcher for the Direct Conflict Prevention Program at the Institute for Security Studies in Addis Ababa, Ethopia, and the author of The African Union: Pan-Africanism, Peacebuilding and Development. Salim A. Salim is the former secretary general of the African Union, where he also served as a special envoy to Darfur.