52 Weekends in the Country

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From the romance of sunset picnics in a Welsh landscape, to the thrill of wild camping in the far-flung corner of a Scottish national nature reserve, writer Brigid Benson and photographer Craig Easton have created 52 weekends that will inspire a new found love of the countryside and refresh your spirit. Enjoy handpicked breaks that include dramatic views and stunning hikes through the British countryside in the follow-up to the acclaimed 52 Weekends by the Sea. Whatever your budget find the choicest places to stay, from cozy b&bs to classic country house hotels and indulge in local delicacies in the selected pubs, cafes, and restaurants on offer. This breathtaking mix of stunning photography and practical yet lyrical travel guide will help you discover the secrets to creating your own adventures and meet intriguing people in surprising places along the way.


It must be something to do with unforgettable childhood holidays touring the remote Scottish Highlands in a jampacked camper van that fired Brigid Benson's fascination with the countryside. Whatever the spark, the intriguing character of places and people in the country continues to inspire her writing. Craig Easton feels privileged that his work takes him to photograph all over the world. Wherever he goes, the landscape and weather inspire him to show not just what a place looks like, but what it feels like. When he's taking time out, chances are you'll find him with his camera in the west of Scotland or in the east playing golf badly.