The Greatest Briton

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Considered one of the most controversial figures in modern history—highly revered by some and heavily criticized by others—Winston Churchill is defended in this collection of essays covering a variety of topics throughout his life. Arranged in chronological order to show his life and career in context of 20th-century world history, these short essays are both detailed and analytical while still being highly accessible for a general audience. Each essay answers a specific historical question about Churchill and argues that not only should he be remembered for his domestic policy alongside his wartime achievements but that he also anticipated a number of issues and debates facing the world today.


Jeremy Havardi teaches history and philosophy in London, works as a freelance journalist, and is the author of Falling to Pieces.


"Jeremy Havardi’s balanced, well-researched and generally sympathetic book demolishes much of the myth-making surrounding the great man, setting out to correct the historical record in a stimulating collection of essays."  —New Classics