A Dog Called Rod

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Perfect for kids with imaginary friends, this fun and energetic book has striking contemporary artwork and super sparkly glitter on every page

Elsa would LOVE to have a dog for a pet. But there's one BIG problem—Elsa lives on the 24th floor of a block of apartments and her dad says that dogs are too much trouble. Will she ever manage to persuade Dad that not all dogs are noisy, messy, and expensive? Perhaps with a little help from her (imaginary) friend, Rod, from a land where dogs ride bikes, like modern art, and eat spaghetti bolognaise.


Tim Hopgood is the author of Wow! Said the Owl.


“Provides a sense of security of the way things are supposed to be in the world. The repeated refrain of “Wow!” throughout the book will elicit a chorus among young listeners at storytime.” Booklist on Wow! Said the Owl