Macular Disease

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Filled with compiling ideas for living well with vision loss from macular disease, this book's positive, take-charge approach provides encouragement to both the newly diagnosed and those at later stages of their disease by showing ways to compensate for their declining sight. Featuring photos of special lighting and other aids and insight from the author's own personal experience with low vision, this oversized handbook is ideally formatted for readers with vision loss by employing the use of large print on glare-resistant paper. Offering reassurance, hope, and personal insight, this revised edition is filled with descriptions of adaptive strategies and assistive technologies. With strong endorsements from medical communities, the book includes an invaluable index and resource list for readers.


Peggy R. Wolfe developed her expertise about macular disease while living with her own macular degeneration for 11 years. Her history with the disease goes back 50 years when her uncle and later her mother developed macular disease, and she helped them learn to cope. She lives in Minnetonka, Minnesota.