The Kitchen Hand

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This handy kitchen reference offers a fount of culinary knowledge, tips, and conversions for cooking globally with international cookbooks. A user-friendly dictionary layout provides quick access to necessary information such as metric conversions, equivalent weights, alternatives for allergy sufferers, and rescue remedies for kitchen disasters. Replacements for hard-to-find ingredients that are often elements of foreign recipes are also included. Guides to commonly used abbreviations, oven temperatures, additives, and dimensions of cooking equipment help cooks convert recipes to use for their own kitchens. Tips for making homemade crème fraiche, using leftover egg whites, perfecting pork glaze, and other kitchen tidbits are interspersed throughout.


Anthony Telford is a professional cook with 18 years of experience. He has written about food for the Australian newspaper the Herald Sun, was the cohost of the radio show Chewing the Fat, and the host of the television show Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? He has sat as a committee member for the Australian Culinary Federation.