Bote negro

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George Braque believed that art is only valid when it attends to an unexplainable idea. Paulina Vinderman chooses a black boat to let herself be dragged in the uncertainty of living. Attentive reader of noir novels, Paulina enters steadily in the night, claiming that darkness can be seen only from obscurity.  In this book, writing becomes a pretext to speculate philosophically, while the present and the past run over each other leaving just a few small stones in its path.


Paulina Vinderman published several books of poems, such as Los espejos y los puentes, La balada de Cordelia , and Hospital de veteranos , among many others. She has received several recognition awards as well, such as the Regional Prize of the Argentinean Ministry of Culture, the National Fund for the Arts Award, the Citta di Cremona Prize, and the Argentinean Academy of Literature Award.