The Luchair Stones

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Imagine Lord of the Rings in the North Pole, with a bit of Celtic mythology and a brother and sister hero and heroine—magic, mystery, and myth combine in a captivating new fantasy series

Devlin and Shay are the two youngest children of Lord Padraig, ruler of the Kingdom of Rosemerta. They have grown up listening to tales of their ancestors: epic stories of Isern the Blacksmith and the feud between the red and black dragons. It has been two years since Drepe, the Dark Lord of the Frozen Northlands, stole the magical Luchair Stones that safeguarded Rosemerta for generations. Lord Padraig and his army rode in pursuit of the Dark Lord but never returned. After a strange messenger arrives with long awaited news, an ancient prophecy reveals itself in an unexpected way, and Devlin and Shay set out on an epic journey into icy wilderness to save their father’s army and the fortunes of Rosemerta. But there is so much about their family and their own place in history that the children are yet to discover. Why does Drepe really want the Luchair Stones? Is Devlin really the chosen one? And why does their mother, a queen with secrets of her own, insist that Shay accompany Devlin on his quest? Be prepared for bravery and betrayal, courage and adventure, destiny and danger, beasts and bad guys.


Isabel Ogilvie is a semi-retired children’s librarian who has won many writing competitions. The Luchair Stones is her debut novel.