Manners for Schoolboys

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"Think not that you have the right to be idle because you are young."
"Of all things, beware of sullenness, melancholy and ill-humoured silence."
"Particularly avoid belching, biting or cutting your nails, rubbing your teeth and picking your nose and ears
in company."

"Boys will be boys," the saying goes—but, as this intriguing manual maintains, there is always scope for improvement. First published in 1829, it offers forthright advice to young gentlemen in all situations, from encouraging family harmony ("On no account quarrel with your brothers and sisters") to good table manners and conduct at school. Packed with frank and funny observations on boys at work and play, it shows how to navigate the twin perils of "sheepish bashfulness and obtrusive boldness," and hold your own in company with confidence and style. Timeless tips on tidiness, behavior, and self-knowledge combine with the amusing social etiquette of two centuries ago in this entertaining and perceptive guide.


J. Robinson was master of the free school in the village of Bunny, England.