What are the Odds?

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Bill Waterhouse has worked the track for more than 70 years, his first day as a bookmaker in his own name was Epsom Day 1954. Henry Waterhouse, his ancestor, brought horses to Australia with the First Fleet . This family had no choice but to follow their destiny and become "the" dynastic Australian horseracing family and we are now into the fourth generation of Waterhouse bookmakers. Bill was a practicing barrister, albeit well-known at the track, and bookmaking was a side business until his brother, Charlie died suddenly and he 'temporarily' took the family bag to the track, at 87, he can still be found trackside. Featuring stories of barristers, politicians, and other prominent characters, his real estate empire, the punting battles with the Packers, the family law suit that took ten years and $10 million to resolve, and the real story of the Fine Cotton affair that saw Bill and his son Robbie banned from any involvement in racing for many years.


Bill Waterhouse is the patriarch of the Waterhouse family dynasty.