Vintage Paper Toys

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A charming collection of authentic vintage paper toys to be made and treasured

In recent years, papercraft has been making a comeback, and flourishing on free sites all over the internet. Both children and adults have fun making these little paper toys; creating a smiling robot, comic hero, or a small animal. Some collect them, others use them to decorate their office, or to give to friends and colleagues. Paper toys appeal to a wide audience due to their simplicity, beauty, and originality, thus ensuring their spectacular success worldwide. But make no mistake, it is not just hobby involving the cutting of A4 sheets and the gluing of a few tabs—it is an art form rooted in origami and practiced by graphic artists from all backgrounds. It takes imagination and talent to create these little figures in paper! This book contains more than 60 vintage designs suitable for all abilities including cars, animals, trains, and airplanes. All that is required is a pair of scissors, some glue and, most importantly, a little patience.


Franck Friès is an author and editor. He has been passionate about vintage publications since reading History at university, during which he developed a strong interest for early 20th century illustrators, chromolithography and paper toys. He has published Paper toys vintage; Découpages vintage, Voitures et Transports; and Découpages vintage, Maisons et poupées.