Audrey's Big Secret

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Audrey is torn between keeping a promise and telling the truth. Should she keep the secret or tell her family? 

Audrey Barlow has woken up in the dead of night and needs to go to the bathroom. The only problem is, the bathroom is an outhouse and is out yonder down the garden path. And if that isn't bad enough, Audrey sees what she thinks is a ghost! But Audrey soon discovers that it wasn't a ghost she spotted at all, but a young aboriginal girl her own age named Janet. Audrey soon learns that Janet has run away from a mission and together they must think of a way to keep Janet from being taken again. Readers will love Audrey and her determination to see that something so wrong must be made right.


Christine Harris has written more than 35 books, ranging from picture books to YA thrillers. Harris has been published in more than 10 countries. Ann James is the illustrator of Lucy Goosey and Madeline the Mermaid.