Hoodwinking Churchill

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Based on new information recently come to light, this history reveals how Britain's staunchly anti-communist Prime Minister was deceived into supporting communist Tito and into cutting all aid to the anti-communist forces resisting the Germans in Yugoslavia. If it had not been for Churchill’s change of heart in December of 1948, this record argues, Tito would not have overcome his political opponents and have emerged as the country's undisputed ruler after the war. Exposing the skullduggery behind the blue-blooded British Establishment, this account also reveals how Tito used the munitions received from the British and Americans not to kill Germans, as promised to Churchill, but mostly to eliminate his political rivals; how he accused his political opponents of accepting weapons from the Italians while he was proposing joint action to the Germans to resist an Allied landing in the Balkans; and how his Partisans massacred thousands of anti-communist Yugoslavs handed over to him by the British in good faith. In essence, this account is a revisionist biography of Tito, puncturing the wartime myths surrounding the communist leader.  


Peter Batty is a television writer, director, and producer specializing in historical programs. He is a former feature writer for the Financial Times in London and the author of The Divided Union: A Concise History of the American Civil War and The House of Krupp: The Steel Dynasty that Armed the Nazis. He also made a five-part documentary series based on Divided Union.


"Totally objective . . . . Mr. Batty has done his homework well and writes without fear or favor."  —Guardian on The House of Krupp

"This is an admirably direct and sure-footed guide to the [American Civil] war, its origins and aftermath."  —Times Educational Supplement on Divided Union

"The purpose of Peter Batty's excellent book is to describe what Churchill called 'one of the biggest mistakes of the war.'" —Daily Mail (July 22, 2011)"The book answers many questions such as Tito's collaboration with the Germans particularly to thwart an Allied attack across the Adriatic, and his reign of terror and murder after WWII to eliminate all possible enemies." —South Slav Journal (August 2011)"The research and referencing for the book is impressive and for any student of the period it will provide a valuable bibliography. A recommended read for any student of WWII and the Cold War." —Freedom Today (August 2011)"This book is both a telling biography of Tito and a convincing re-appraisal of the truth behind an important aspect of the wartime mythology." —New Classics (September 2011)"Batty’s work is provocative and timely, especially as Yugoslav successor states currently grapple with their histories and, especially Serbia, with Mihailović’s legacy."  —The Historian