The Kremlin Conspiracy

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A timely book detailing more than 1,000 years of Russian expansionism, utilizing previous unpublished first person accounts

People call Putin’s power strategy the new Cold War. Author Douglas Boyd argues that it is the same one as before, fought with potent new weapons: the energy resources on which half of Europe now depends. The Cold War did not begin in 1945, but rather when Lenin created the Communist International in 1919, in a tradition of Russian expansionism that goes way further back. Recounted often in the words of participants, this is the chilling story of 1,000 years of bloodshed that made the Russians the way they are. Revealing the scandalous truth of Putin's origins, this history argues that Kremlin policy has not changed since Rurik the Novgorod and Ivan the Terrible.


Douglas Boyd is a former BBC producer and director whose other titles include The French Foreign Legion and Voices from the Dark Years: The Truth About Occupied France 1940-1945. He is also a former RAF-trained National Service Russian linguist, whose incarceration on the Stasi political prison at Potsdam brought him face-to-face with the KGB.