Laugh of the Hyenas

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Set in the early years of World War II, this novel tells a twisting tale of revenge, blackmail, murder, and shifting loyalties. German tanks roll over Czechoslovakia as the world nervously awaits Hitler’s next move. To counter the looming Nazi threat in Europe, French intelligence officer Jean Lopié recruits a popular Paris prostitute, Helen Noverman, to spy with him for British Intelligence. Their first assignment takes them to vulnerable Norway where they have a near-fatal encounter with Lopié’s archenemy, an aristocratic Gestapo Colonel, nicknamed “Lupus.” On British orders, Lopié and Noverman ensnare a prominent surgeon, Dr. Manol Belevski, and force him to spy for the British in Bulgaria. George Milev, the Bulgarian Chief of the Secret Police, hunts British spies for Lupus, but becomes obsessed with Noverman. This historical novel, set in Paris, Oslo, Istanbul, and Bulgaria, is a spy thriller that keeps the characters just one step ahead of death.


Ivan Roussetzki was the assistant secretary to Bulgaria’s Finance Minister. Before entering government, he was a journalist and a historian. Don Gabor is a writer and professional speaker. He is the author of How to Start a Conversation and Make Friends and Talking with Confidence for the Painfully Shy. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.