Duran Duran

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An exhaustive, revelatory account of the band's tumultuous career

From their conceptual birth in Hollywood (Birmingham, England, that is) through to their current contemporary relevance, influencing such acts as the Dandy Warhols and Scissor Sisters, this is the epic Duran Duran story. It includes via encounters with Andy Warhol, Liz Hurley, Michael Jackson, Bono and many more. It covers the groundbreaking songs and music videos, the hype and awards, the ascent to playboy rockers, and the rehab, nervous breakdowns, and near-death experiences. It also discusses how the band's core friendships, memorable pop hooks, and continued ambition that has kept them thriving. The author conducted more than 50 exclusive interviews in his search for the secret to the band's longevity.


Steve Malins is also author of Gary Numan's authorized biography and biographies on Paul Weller and Radiohead. He was a contributing editor for Q magazine for five years and has also written for the Sunday Times, Time Out, and Vox. He was executive producer on three Gary Numan albums and has worked with other artists such as Siouxsie and the Banshees.