If I Tell You . . . I'll Have to Kill You

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More About This Title If I Tell You . . . I'll Have to Kill You


Australia's best crime writers—Michael Robotham, Kerry Greenwood, Peter Corris, Tara Moss, and more—share the secrets to their success, their best writing tips, and their favorite must-reads

In this guide for fans and writers alike, a group of leading crime writers take on the question: What is the secret to good crime writing? Their conclusions are fascinating, provocative, and often surprising, and they are all drawn from the hard school of personal experience. Crime fiction is the single most popular genre in international publishing and Australia has some of the finest practitioners when it comes to walking the mean streets and nailing the bad guys. Whether you're a fan of crime fiction or true crime, or a would-be crime writer, this collection of essays will provide laughter, understanding, insight, ideas, advice, and hopefully some inspiration. Learn about Shane Maloney's near-death experience in a freezer, Leigh Redhead's adventures as a stripper, and Tara Moss taking a polygraph test to prove her doubters wrong. There are stories of struggle and triumph, near misses and murderous intent, as these writers lay bare their souls and reveal their secrets as never before, along with their rules for writing and reading lists. But beware—they will have to kill you.


Michael Robotham is a successful crime writer whose psychological thrillers have been translated into 22 languages and highly acclaimed by such publications as BooklistEntertainment Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, the New York Times, and People. His titles include Say You're Sorry, Shatter, and Suspect.