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For we are young and ...? offers a provocative perspective on Australia's young people against a global and local backdrop of uncertainty and change. It asserts the importance of a critically informed and positive approach to youth, moving beyond seeing young people through the lens of shortcomings and problems tobe solved. For we are young and ...? draws directly on the work of the Youth Research Centre at The University of Melbourne and its legacy of innovative and significant research on young Australians. Opening with the theoretical context of youth research, the book draws on contemporary examples to discuss new conceptual and research approaches; the ways in which young people participate in change and the challenges and possibilities that are presented by current conditions. For we are young and ...? identifies emerging issues and future directions for youth research, policy and professional practice.


Sally Beadle is a Research Fellow at the Youth Research Centre. She is involvedin a diverse range of research and training projects across the Centre. She isincreasingly focused on working with young women on wellbeing, health, genderrights and participation projects in international development contexts.
Roger Holdsworth is a Senior Research Associate of the Youth Research Centre. Hehas previously been a secondary school teacher, an education consultant and ayouth sector policy worker. At the Youth Research Centre he has led programs thathave explored possibilities for students' active roles within these communities.
Johanna Wyn is Director of the Youth Research Centre at The University of Melbourne. Her work focuses on the impact of social change on young people,and the need for institutions and policies to respond to their new realities. Sheleads the Life-Patterns research program, a comparative longitudinal panel cohortstudy of young people comparing two generations of young Australians.