ISS 10 Muslims in the West and the Challenges of Belonging

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More About This Title ISS 10 Muslims in the West and the Challenges of Belonging


Sensational reporting by the media has led to attitudes that racialise Muslims and frame them as potential threats to national security, placing them outside the circle of trustworthy citizenship. Muslims in the West are increasingly confronted with the pressure of conforming to dominant core values and accepting 'mere tolerance' from society, or else risk exclusion and even hostility when exercising their rights to maintain diverse cultural norms and religious practices.
Muslims in the West and the Challenges of Belonging offers not only rigourous accounts of current difficulties, but also new thinking and deeper understanding about race relations and intercultural engagement in multicultural societies. It explores the increasing visibility of Muslim migrants in the West and the implications this has for multicultural co-existence, cultural representations, belonging and inclusive citizenship.


Fethi Mansouri is director of the Centre for Citizenship and Globalisation and holds a chair in Migration and Intercultural Relations, School of International and Political Studies, Deakin University. He is the author and editor of many books. In 2004, his book Lives in Limbo: Voices of Refugees under Temporary Protection was short-listed for the Human Rights Medals and Awards.

Vince Marotta is a senior lecturer in sociology at Deakin University, the managing editor of the Journal of Intercultural Studies and co-convener of the Migration, Ethnicity and Multiculturalism thematic group within the Australian Sociological Association. In 2011 he edited a special issue of the Journal of Intercultural Studies on virtual ethnicities and co-edited the book Intercultural Relations in a Global World.