Blue Cow Sky

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Leo can’t get no satisfaction. He’s down on his luck, he’s running low on cash, his car keeps breaking down, his uptight neighbour wants him kicked out of his apartment block, his best friend’s a wannabe gangster and he’s been trying to write his second novel for five years, current word count: 0. Worst of all, he’s still pining after the girl of his dreams who broke his heart a lifetime ago. What Leo can get is sex. Naughty sex, rough sex, inappropriate sex. Sex with old flames and new strangers and old cougars and young waifs. Sex in the car and at the gym and on the beach and in fancy houses and in shithole back rooms on a dingy mattress with a girl whose name he doesn’t know while he’s trying to work out the meaning of life… Leo is Holden Caulfield meets Dirk Diggler meets Hunter S Thompson while trying to find himself (and write the great post-modern novel) in the guest cottages of bored Constantia housewives, the homeless shelters of Kalk Bay and the storage barns of McGregor. And Blue Cow Sky is his story.


Peter Church is the internationally published author of traditional crime-thrillers Dark Video and Bitter Pill. This is his first post-modern, subversive, sexually charged novella…