The Ruby Talisman

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With a simple wish for adventure, a magical talisman sends a young girl back in time to the French Revolution

Tilly visualised the ruby pendant, recreating its crimson fire. She felt herself diving into that pool of colour . . . down into a deep, vivid dream.

Tilly falls asleep wishing she could escape to a more adventurous life. In 1789, Amelie-Mathilde is living in luxury at the Palace of Versailles—but her guardians want her to marry the horrible Chevalier. She falls asleep wishing someone would rescue her. Tilly wakes up beside Amelie-Mathilde. The timing couldn’t be worse. Starving peasants are rioting and the palace is in chaos. Tilly knows Amelie and her cousin Henri must escape if they are to survive the Revolution. With mutinous villagers, vengeful servants, and threats at every turn, will they ever reach safety?


Belinda Murrell has worked as a travel journalist, technical writer, editor, and public relations consultant. Her work has appeared in the Sun Herald, Sunday Telegraph, and Sydney Morning Herald. She is the author of the Lulu Bell series and the Sun Sword fantasy trilogy, as well as The Ivory Rose, The Locket Of Dreams, and The River Charm.


"Imaginative readers interested in fashion, beauty and history will be drawn in by The Ruby Talisman set during the French Revolution . . . This is like a girls’ own adventure for Tilly, who gets to do exciting things, such as ride a horse, sword fight, steer a barge and set sail with smugglers."  —Clare Kennedy, Viewpoint"The Ruby Talisman possesses all the hallmarks of a classic adventure novel. The action is fast-paced, the characters gutsy, the settings enticing and the danger ever present. Through the many twists and turns, Murrell never loses sight of her aims to entertain and enthrall."  —Aleesah Darlison, Sun Herald"A gripping thrill ride . . . Mix together a collection of French vocab, a cast of loveable characters, a dash of history, several dangerous encounters and some time travelling adventure, and you have Belinda Murrell’s The Ruby Talisman. This novel was a joy to read, as it takes you on a journey to the past."  —