Dragon Drool

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The Festival Quest for the lighting of the wishing tower has always been considered too difficult. Now twelve-year-old Caidy and her friends have to solve the riddle and figure out how to light the wishing tower with, yuck, dragon drool. Even worse, arrogant Renmar boasts that he already knows the answer. Caidy just has to succeed at the Festival Quest or she won’t fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a warrior of the city of Andagor.


C.A. Casey has been a musician and a librarian and is currently an editor for a publishing company. She loves basketball and other team sports and covered the Sacramento Monarchs for SportsPageMagazine. A dream come true for her. She has articles in library journals and in Strange Horizons, and stories in Aoife’s Kiss, The Lorelei Signal, Coyote Wild, Sorcerous Signal, The Fifth Di . . . and Beyond Centauri. She lives in Northern California.