Landscape Photography

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A detailed guide to capturing outstanding images in the great outdoors, using today's sophisticated digital SLR and compact digital cameras

From choosing the correct camera, lenses, filters, and outdoor photographic accessories to the practicalities of gauging the weather, tide times, and the optimum time of day to shoot, this comprehensive handbook discusses the theory and technicalities of exposure, composition, light, and color. You'll learn all about getting creative with panoramas, abstracts, and using flash outdoors, with essential information on slow shutter speeds and panning. Expert advice describes the preparation and techniques for shooting in the field in a wide variety of outdoor locations: from mountains, coastlines, deserts and jungles, to lakes, waterfalls, rivers, clouds, flowers, and trees—plus how to successfully photograph people and animals in the landscape.


Steve Watkins is an award winning travel photographer and writer, and the editor of Outdoor Photography magazine. He has written and photographed three of the titles in the Unforgettable series, including Unforgettable Things to Do Before You Die. Steve has walked on the wild side for 20 years as an adventurer and travel photographer, and in the past eight years alone he shot 120,000 images in 65 countries.