Pretty Puzzles: Codewords

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With more than 100 puzzles, this oh-so-stylish book is perfect for keeping your brain in tip-top shape

Now that science has proved that mental exercise is vital in order to keep your mind young, fit, and healthy—and even to stave off Alzheimer's—can you afford to neglect your grey matter? It is true that in the past, puzzles have had something of an image problem. But no more. Who says that you have to choose between style and content? Pretty Puzzles is a groundbreaking new collection of posers, brain-teasers, and mental challenges. Inside its simply gorgeous covers, you'll find all manner of riddles and problems to give your mind a great workout—and best of all, you'll look wonderful doing it. This is the must-have accessory for everyone who cares about looking, thinking, and being fabulous.


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