Hippocratic Oaths

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In this book, the physician and philosopher Raymond Tallis yokes together his diverse intellectual interests to address important questions about our well-being. In a series of stimulating and impassioned arguments, he establishes the truth about, among many other things, recent health scares, explains why patients compete for our doctors' and nurses' time; why the exploding popularity of alternative therapies is actually bad for our health; and how one man's view of the MMR vaccine influenced a nation. This is the summation of a lifetime's thought and medical practice, by one of Britain's most original thinkers. It will, quite simply, change for ever the way we think about ourselves and our health.


Raymond Tallis is professor of geriatric medicine at the University of Manchester, and has published more than 150 research papers, articles, and textbooks. He is also a poet and a novelist as well as a renowned philosopher, and is the author of Enemies of Hope. In 2004, Prospect magazine named him one of Britain's 100 most significant public intellectuals.