So You Thought You Couldn't Draw ™

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Now in a new, 60-day journal format, this program introduces a super-simple, four-step process that teaches aspiring artists how to develop drawing skills in as little as two months. In a humorous, down-to-earth tone, the innovative system breaks down complex classical concepts and leads novices through basic elements of drawing such as line, shape, value, and texture. Building both confidence and skill as they work their way through the exercises, students learn how to see shapes, lines, and contour, in addition to how to shade, create texture gradation, and draw from photographs. An accompanying DVD demonstrates the presented techniques.


Sandra McFall Angelo specializes in teaching non-artists to draw. She is the author of 18 award-winning DVD/videos, five companion books, and more than 50 magazine columns and articles that have appeared in publications such as American Artist, Art Materials Today, The Artist's Magazine, Arts & Crafts, and Decorative Artist Workbook. She is also a fellowship recipient from the Rhode Island School of Design. She lives in San Diego, California.