We Came Alive in '75

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The touching, often humorous memoir of two loving soul mates who lived together for 36 years on this earth. Mary Lee and Pat’s saga of spiritual growth and transformation continues even beyond Mary Lee’s untimely death in 2010, as she continues to interact remarkably from “the other side,” providing Pat with new hope, joy and eternal love.


Pat Deihl was born in 1939 in Indiana, and she began piano lessons when she was eight years old. Music was destined to “be her life.” Pat has a Master’s degree in Music Education degree Indiana University on the Bloomington Campus. She taught music for 34 years in public schools and was also the choir director/music director at her church. Her choirs are still her passion and her joy in life. Pat’s other passion and joy in life was her Mary Lee, who sang in both of Pat’s choirs and loved Pat as no other had.