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It’s 2004, the year same-sex marriage becomes legal in Massachusetts, the year the Red Sox break the curse, and the year everything changes for Meg Myers. Meg is an animal control officer who doesn’t much like people and doesn’t believe wishes come true. She grew up in state care, bouncing between foster homes and her alcoholic mother. Left physically and emotionally scarred, she is guarded about her past and pessimistic about her future. So she focuses on her job and her dream of opening an animal shelter. Meg’s world is rocked by three women: Pam and her foster daughter, Violet; Gina, twin to Meg’s best friend Jeff; and Samantha, the vet who shares an uncomfortable past with Meg. Through her relationships with these women, Meg is forced to explore mother-daughter bonds, loss and grief, and what defines friendship and gender in her quest to find security and love for the first time in her life.


Elaine Burnes grew up and lives in Massachusetts. After earning a B.S. in biology she worked first at a pet store and at a bookstore, and then spent the next twenty years working and writing for a variety of environmental nonprofits. Her stories are published in the anthologies Skulls and Crossbones, Wicked Things, and Best Lesbian Romance 2011 and the ezine Khimairal Ink.