Between the Tides

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More About This Title Between the Tides


A passionate account by an ardent conservationist who records his experiences while undertaking fundamental research, this book details how sea turtles are suddenly struggling to survive, largely because of harm that has been done to the planet’s oceans and beaches. Much can be learned about the condition of the planet’s environment by looking at sea turtles because they have existed for more than 100 million years and travel throughout the world’s oceans. Including descriptions of the life cycles of turtles as well as fascinating facts, this book asks what their demise means for the human species. The remarkable story also highlights the active role South Africa has played in protecting its own sea turtle population and researching the turtle populations in neighboring countries.


George Hughes is the former CEO of the Natal Parks Board and of Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife. He is also the former chairman of the radio program Talking of Nature and the recipient of numerous awards, including a lifetime achievement award from the International Sea Turtle Society.