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More About This Title Cults


Charting the rise of religious cults and sinister sects—a disturbing phenomenon of the twentieth century—this exploration discusses the essence of a cult's appeal and the experiences of those who were once cult members. Profiles of all major cults are also included, from ancient sects to recently-emerged ones, such as the FDLS and the Islamic fundamentalist groups Al us-Sunnah wal-Jamaa’ah and Tablighi Jamaat. The Warren Jeffs, the Exclusive Brethren’s alleged political lobbying tactics in the NZ elections, and the anniversaries of Waco, Jonestown, and Heaven’s Gate are all touched upon as well. The collection is rounded off with detailed information on organizations such as Opus Dei and Scientology that are renowned both for their secrecy and their celebrity membership.  


Robert Schroëder has worked in various parts of the world as a journalist.