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More About This Title 2022


Mr. Kashoosh, a notable business magnate, has established his wealth
during the Lebanese civil war dealing in arms and stolen goods . Diana,
an environmental activist, has dedicated her life to campaign against
environment abusers. Now it’s the year 2022, planet earth is suffering of
devastating climatic conditions, severe CO2 pollution, and alarming water
scarcity. While Mr. Kashoosh’s pursuit for power and appetite for wealth
grew to dangerous levels violating all ethical and environmental codes,
Diana is hot on his tail, exposing his malpractices and obstructing his
activities. In the midst of this confrontation, not only hazards to the
environment are revealed, but solutions to save the planet are examined.
It’s a strong message to alert the young generation of a bleak destiny awaiting planet earth and the
human race, if corrective measures are not taken immediately. It’s a struggle of survival between a
nightmare and a sweet dream.

Exhibited At: International book fairs